Tips Of Health Problems & Chronic Diseases

There are many diseases and health problems that people deal with every day. Whether you are basically healthy, have a chronic disease, or just symptoms you do not understand, your doctor is the best person to talk with. Find out what you can, talk to your parents, and then make an appointment to see your doctor.

1 Health Problems

Eating Disorders
Sleep & Sleep Disorders
Teens & Injuries

2 Chronic Disease Living with a disease for life

A chronic disease is a medical problem that lasts for a long time – even for a lifetime. Most people are used to getting sick, feeling bad for awhile, but then getting better.

Dealing with a chronic disease can be much harder. A portion of your time is always used in treating the disease or going to the doctor.

Someone with a chronic disease has to be vigilant to avoid situations that will make him or her sick: such as eating the wrong thing or doing an activity that will bring on symptoms. Emotionally and socially, that can be very hard on a teen.

This section introduces you to three common chronic diseases that affect youth. If you have one of these diseases you might find some helpful links on these pages.

If you have a friend with one of these chronic diseases, read on to understand the challenges your friend faces.



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